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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Lady Christina de Souza

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Lady Christina de Souza

Michelle Ryan as Doctor Who ally Lady Christina de Souza

Lady Christina de Souza

Portrayed by: Michelle Ryan

Doctor: Tenth Doctor

Story: “Planet of the Dead” (April, 2009)

Background: Christina is a lower-level aristocrat who moonlights as a notorious art thief. She is on the run from her latest heist, being pursued by the police, when she encounters the Doctor on the bus and sets off on their adventure.

Family/Friends: The only thing we know about Christina’s family is that they are in the peerage.

Personality: Christina is adventurous, daring, and confident. She’s intelligent, quick-witted, and rather privileged and she develops a rapport with the Doctor almost immediately. Christina’s somewhat of a natural leader, taking control of the situation right away before striking out with the Doctor to explore the planet and solve their predicament.

Special Skills: Dexterity, flexibility, quick thinking

Highlights: Her assessment of the bus, upon crashing into the sand

Lowlights: Flying the bus off into the sunset at the end. Seems like the easiest possible of ways to get tracked and caught

Other notes: Christina has gone on to have an adventure with the Eleventh Doctor in the Doctor Who comics, making her one of only a handful allies to have one adventure with two separate, sequential Doctors.