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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Madame Vastra

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra, Doctor Who Companion, Neve McIntosh

Madame Vastra

Portrayed by: Neve McIntosh

Doctor: Eleventh Doctor

Story: 4 stories- “A Good Man Goes to War”, “The Snowmen”, “The Crimson Horror”, “The Name of the Doctor”

Background: We meet Vastra in “A Good Man Goes to War”, when the Doctor calls in his favors to save Amy from the Silence, Madame Kovarian, and the Headless Monks at Demon’s Run. She owes the Doctor for stopping her from going on a rampage through London (and presumably, being killed) after being awoken by construction on the London Underground. Eventually, she managed to build a life in Victorian England, marrying her maid Jenny, becoming a detective, and assisting Scotland Yard with their particularly difficult cases (such as Jack the Ripper).

Family: As a Silurian and part of the Warrior Caste, Vastra undoubtedly has many sisters slumbering under the Earth, but as she was awoken by herself, her family consists of Jenny, who started out as her maid and eventually became her wife. She’s also very close with Strax, a former Sontaran nurse who works as her butler and coachman. The three together form the Paternoster Gang, so named after their house at 13 Paternoster Row.

Personality: Vastra is shrewd, introspective, and deadly, when drawn into action. She is very intelligent and can be callous, even with Jenny. She’s very affectionate towards her wife and has an incredibly close relationship with the Doctor, with whom she shares a dark edge. Much like him, it is her relationship with her Companion (/wife) that grounds her and keeps her in touch with the better parts of her nature. Vastra has a dry and occasionally rather wicked sense of humor and she is an incredibly patient, focused, and disciplined individual.

Special Skills: Warrior training/genetics (particularly, mad katana skills), intellect, will power, familiarity with advanced technology

Highlights: Her relationship with the Doctor, particularly in “A Good Man Goes to War”, her reaction to Jenny’s death in “The Name of the Doctor”

Lowlight: The scented candle seance that apparently extends to computer databases. Still trying to forget that

Memorable quotes:

Madame Vastra: “Jack the Ripper has claimed his last victim.”
Jenny: “How did you find him?”
Madame Vastra: “Stringy, but tasty all the same. I shan’t be needing dinner.” “A Good Man Goes to War”

– “There are two refreshments in your world the color of red wine. This… is not red wine.” “The Snowmen”

– “Strax! You’re over excited! Have you been eating those jelly sherbet fancies again?” “The Snowmen”

Other notes: There’s been a lot of talk about a potential Paternoster Gang spinoff. Steven Moffat has confirmed that he considered a spinoff for Vastra and Jenny when he created them, but says he doesn’t currently have the time.