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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Wilfred Mott

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Wilfred Mott

Bernard Cribbins as Doctor Who ally Wilfred Mott

Wilfred Mott

Portrayed by: Bernard Cribbins

Doctor: Tenth Doctor

Story: 6 stories (8 episodes), though only one as the main Companion stand-in, “The End of Time” (Jan, 2010)

Background: Wilfred Mott is a pensioner and an amateur astronomer whose love of the stars has rubbed off on his adventurous granddaughter, Donna Noble. Wilf is a veteran, having served in WWII, though without killing anyone, and he is able to relate to the Doctor as a fellow former soldier.

Family/Friends: Wilfred is very close with Donna, even more so than with his own daughter, her mother Sylvia, who is somewhat of a henpecker. Outside of these two, we know little about Wilf’s family. As for his friends, he’s shown to have a circle of fellow pensioners who help him reach out to the Doctor in “The End of Time”.

Personality: Wilf is genial, very friendly, and upbeat. He’s warm and supportive of his family and friends and he’s incredibly loyal as well, willing to go to great lengths to help them when they’re in need. Incredibly shaped by the experiences of his youth, Wilfred is still very much a soldier, able to compartmentalize when needed and willing to sacrifice his life in defense of others. He has tremendous respect and affection for the Doctor and is devastated when Donna’s memory must be wiped, having watched with joy as she grew into a more secure, happy woman. The Doctor is able to be open and honest with Wilf in a way he can’t with most of his Companions. Whereas the Doctor’s Companions usually lean on him for support as they explore the universe, the Doctor comes to Wilf when he is at his most vulnerable, struggling with the knowledge that he is soon to die. Wilf has the rare ability and desire to listen to others, completely still and without judgment.

Special Skills: Military training, listening skills, life experience

Highlights: Just about the entirety of “Turn Left” and every scene with the Doctor in “The End of Time”

Lowlights: The rest of “The End of Time”. It’s not pretty.

Memorable quotes:

– “One day, 100 years’ time we’ll be striding out amongst the stars. Dueling about with all them aliens. Just you wait.”  “Partners in Crime”

Wilfred: “Labor camps… that’s what they called them last time.”
Donna: “What’d you mean?”
Wilfred: “It’s happening again.”  “Turn Left”

Other notes: Wilf first appears in “Voyage of the Damned” working in a news stand. This character was not originally intended to be related to Donna, but after the death of Howard Attfield, who played Donna’s father, Bernard Cribbins was brought back and his role expanded.