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‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Wall-E’ coming to life in LEGO form later this year

‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Wall-E’ coming to life in LEGO form later this year

Wall-E Lego

It may seem cliche, but everything is truly awesome now with LEGOs. After a hit movie last year, it seems like the company is now digging into pop culture more with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters sets out, but now it will go into the Pixar label as well as one of the most popular television shows of all-time to create their newest sets for fans.

LEGO announced on Wednesday that later this year, it would be debuting sets based on Doctor Who and Wall-E. The company had been taking ideas for some time now on possible TV shows and movies that people would like to see in LEGO form and it seems like both the BBC sci-fi show and Pixar film will be making the transition.

Angus MacLane, who is rising in the Pixar ranks with directing gigs for two Toy Story shorts and co-directing the upcoming Finding Dory, submitted a prototype (seen above) of a Wall-E LEGO to the company and it seems that they agreed that this was a direction they would want to go. Now, it doesn’t say yet if Wall-E will be joined by his girlfriend EVE or the obese members of the futuristic human race that we meet in the film, but more information (and possible sets) are on the way.

Doctor Who Lego

As for Doctor Who, it seems logical that LEGO pursue this property as it has become a pop culture sensation not only in the United Kingdom, but also in America. As of right now, it seems like the only two Doctors that are featured are David Tennant’s tenth doctor and Tom Baker’s fourth one, but one has to think that more of them (especially the more recent and popular Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi) should be emerging once more sets are announced.

It is insanely cool to see LEGO bringing pop culture to life through their brand and while they mentioned that it is the end of them picking items from last year, with interest in these sets, it would be assumed that more properties could be on the way. It is also worth noting that any sets that emerge are also free game for any upcoming LEGO Movie sequels, so maybe we will see Emmet interacting with Wall-E soon or yelling “Allonsy!” with David Tennant in the next film.