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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Adam Mitchell

Doctor Who Companion Profile: Adam Mitchell

Doctor Who Companion Adam Mitchell, played by Bruno Langley

Adam Mitchell

Portrayed by: Bruno Langley

Doctor(s): Ninth Doctor

Tenure: 2 stories, from “Dalek” (April 2005) to “The Long Game” (May 2005)

Background: Adam is a highly intelligent young man from 2012 who we meet when he’s working for American collector Henry van Statten. He is a tech whiz who bonds with Rose during the events of “Dalek”, prompting her to ask the Doctor to take him aboard the TARDIS. Adam proves to not be cut out for time travel, however, when he almost immediately starts taking advantage of his first trip in the TARDIS for personal gain, risking significant damage to the time line in doing so. Adam is designed to demonstrate what a Companion must not be, and he’s successful in this, but it makes him a not particularly interesting character on his own right.

Family/Friends: He has a mother, whom he tries to contact from the future, but that’s all we know about him.

Personality: Frankly, he doesn’t have much of one. In “Dalek”, he is meant to be vaguely likeable, so we’ll accept the Doctor taking him aboard, but this is countered in the very next episode, “The Long Game”, when he wanders off and winds up taking advantage of being in the future to better his and/or his mother’s life in the past.

Special Skills: Computer skills, advanced tech brain window (which opens whenever someone snaps their fingers)

Best Story: “Dalek”, one of the best episodes of the season

Worst Story: “The Long Game”, one of the worst episodes of the season. Adam’s only in two stories, but they demonstrate the extremes of the Ninth Doctor’s tenure

Highlights of tenure: … Hanging out with Rose in “Dalek”?

Lowlights of tenure: Successfully being a terrible Companion. So, well done?

Memorable quotes: “You stick with the Doctor. You’d rather be with him. It’s gonna take a better man than me to get between you two.”  “The Long Game”