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Hells Blood Volume One is an Action-Packed Epic

Hells Blood Volume One is an Action-Packed Epic

Hells Blood Volume One (Collects Hells Blood #1-#4)Hell's Blood 1

Writers: Scott Scheaffer, Chris Buchner, Liam Webb

Pencillers: Hector Rodriguez, Byrne Negron, Keith Murphy

Inker: Alex Rivera

Tones: Jet Amago

Publisher: Guild Works Publications (

Hells Blood is the roller coaster opening to a young man’s boring life in Holyoke, Massachusetts. A boring life that quickly shifts into a hellish nightmare faced with a destiny in a world unimaginable before. Hector now carries a mantle of sorts to up hold the balance between good and evil, i.e. the forces that are Heaven, Hell, and Earth. A classic struggle retold with a new perspective, a macabre fantasy of epic proportions topped with the classic comic book style and epic storyline Guild Works Publications is known for delivering.

On top of the classic elements bred grimly into this grey scale world of terror and magic, there’s also a mythos being built here that leaves a taste of a much larger world. A struggle between OLOSI and OLOFI.  Hells Blood has already gained the following to get it four issues in and create this great volume one conclusion of the opening story to our protagonists tale.

The serious question you may be asking is what to truly expect on the first complete run of this series? Well besides the obvious gore, scantily clad mystic warriors, demon spawn of all flavors, and a badass protagonist and antagonist, it all boils down to one hell of a battle. Other than the basics of what you need there, you’ll also be sure to find a style that is consistent throughout the series. Jet Amago does a fantastic job on the tones while artists Hector Rodriguez and Keith Murphy hammer it away chapter to chapter with the rest of their team. The production of this piece even includes legendary producer, writer, and art director Mark Mazz from Atlas Unleashed within its credits. So be sure to tune in and turn off. This is definitely a good place to enter this mystic battle between good and evil. There is much more to come from Guild Works Publications as well as from myself.