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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Mel

Doctor Who Companion Profile: Mel

Bonnie Langford as Doctor Who Companion Mel


Portrayed by: Bonnie Langford

Doctor(s): Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor

Tenure: 6 stories (20 episodes), from Terror of the Vervoids (Nov, 1986) to Dragonfire (Dec, 1987)

Background: Mel is a computer genius from the near future (when her stories aired, that is. She’s from the early 21st century). As the Doctor, and the audience, first meet her after she’s already met him, we don’t find out much about her backstory or her family and friends.

Personality: Mel is bubbly and outgoing. While she has a strong personality, she is usually upbeat and friendly, with seemingly boundless energy. She’s dedicated to healthy and happy living, sticking firmly to her beliefs, such as her vegetarianism, and encouraging the Doctor and others to better themselves and their health as well.

Special Skills: Eidetic memory, computer skills, energy and optimism

Best Story: The Ultimate Foe wraps up the Trial of a Time Lord arc nicely and Mel does well facing off against the Valeyard

Worst Story: Paradise Towers has a few fun moments, but is pretty much dreadful and the creature design for Terror of the Vervoids is terrible enough to earn it a spot here

Highlights of tenure: Her rapport with Ace is pretty great in Dragonfire

Lowlights of tenure: Carrot juice. Everything with and about carrot juice.

Memorable quotes: “Who said anything about home? I’ve got much more crazy things to do yet”  Dragonfire

Other notes: Mel is notable as the first Companion to meet the Doctor out of order, making her a precursor to River Song and many similar NuWho Companions. Mel is also one of only a handful of Companions to leave the TARDIS of her own volition for a reason other than a desire to stay behind with a new love interest.