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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Harriet Jones

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Harriet Jones

Penelope Wilton as Doctor Who ally Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones

Portrayed by: Penelope Wilton

Doctor: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor

Story: 3 stories (4 episodes): “Aliens of London”/“World War Three”, “The Christmas Invasion”, “The Stolen Earth”

Background: Harriet Jones is a public servant representing Flydale North at 10 Downing Street when she becomes swept up in the Doctor and Rose’s attempts to stop the Slitheen. When we later encounter her, she’s risen to Prime Minister and though she’s driven out of office, she continues her work defending the Earth from her home.

Family/Friends: We know very little about Harriet’s family or friends. We mostly see her in a work environment.

Personality: Harriet is dedicated, hard-working, and brave. She is a natural leader, but she also follows well and easily when necessary, something not all leaders are able to do. She’s polite, kind-hearted, and rather sweet, though as she rises in the government she becomes sterner, perhaps due to her shouldering of greater responsibilities. She is an unflinching defender of the Earth, perhaps to her detriment, and her greatest ambition is to serve her fellow citizens, first of Flydale North, then of Britain, and finally of the Earth.

Special Skills: Level head, observational skills, steely reserve

Highlights: Her catchphrase, “Harriet Jones, <current title>” is pretty great, and she’s a comedic blast throughout her first appearance, but it’s her stoic exit in “The Stolen Earth” that most stands out

Lowlights: Though she’s great, there’s no getting around that one of her significant contributions to her first story is describing the smell of the Slitheen’s farts.

Memorable quotes:

Harriet Jones: “Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister.”
Dalek: “Yes, we know who you are.”
Harriet Jones: “Oh, you know nothing of any human. And that will be your downfall.”