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Documentary Filmmakers 2011 Interview Series #1 – Lee Demarbre, Director of Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero

Over the coming weeks, as a lead up the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto, Sound On Sight will be publishing a series of exclusive interviews with an eclectic group of documentary film makers. Mike Waldman sits down (over the phone) with the directors behind some of the most unusual, outrageous and personal narrative documentaries made over the last few years. These are some of the true story-tellers in documentary film and all of them have amazing tales to tell about their subjects, their process and themselves.

We begin our interview series with Lee Demarbre, director of Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero. His film about an fallen super-star of Mexican wrestling, born in Thunder Bay Ontario, is a true achievement in first-person narrative documentaries. The story of how his film got made is almost as amazing as the one on camera.

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