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‘Toil and Trouble’ # 3 is Thrilling Action All the Way

‘Toil and Trouble’ # 3 is Thrilling Action All the Way

Toil and Trouble #3
Written by Mairghread Scott
Illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews
Letters by Warren Montgomery
Published by BOOM! Studios (Archaia)

Toil and Trouble # 3 returns to the epic of the Weird Sisters and their conflict over who should be the next king. The comic improves vastly on the beginning two issues. The artwork by Kelly and Nichole Matthews continues to be well crafted and done with care for their choice of coloring. Most noticeable in their artistic choices is the role of color in the comic, they tend to select the right colors to make the comic’s mood fit the writing. Writer Mairghread Scott has really picked up the action in the comic as the flow of the story moves quickly and beautifully through character interactions and dialogue.

The comic returns to the three Weird sisters and their plots to make or break Macbeth as the king. The first introduction of Lady Macbeth occurs as she miscarries her child and sadly reflects on Macbeth’s own possible death in battle.  Smertae thinks over her sister Riata’s effort to influence the fate of Macbeth as she send many foreigners to a watery grave.  Riata goes about her time influencing humans around Macbeth to impact his fate. Riata goes after Lady Macbeth to drive her husband to take the crown for himself. Here, the plot continues to unfold at a great pace.

Scott does a good job creating turmoil and inner conflict among the cast of characters, like Smertae’s monologue to herself as she struggles with choices she makes for the land. Smertae has chosen to make the seas rough for any outsiders trying to get to Scotland, she reasons that a strong sailor would be able to swim in rough waters. The problem becomes clear she may be no better than Riata in her abuse and use of mortals. Scott’s writing makes the characters and their issues come to face. Another example from the interaction of Lady Macbeth and Riata. Lady Macbeth comes off as bitter and sympatric as she has lost her children and hold hatred toward Macduff. Riata plays on Lady Macbeth’s weaknesses and manipulates her. Together Lady Macbeth and Riata create a tense scene of drama.  Scott’s writing really shines as the characters play off each other.

Toil and Trouble # 3 stands gracefully together as a wonderful addition to the series. It proves how great the creative team can be together. Truly the comic has improved upon the  narration heavy first two issues. Now, the creative team has found their stride, and the comic is a compelling read with its drama and characters.