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DREDD’s Last Hope (UPDATED X2)

DREDD’s Last Hope (UPDATED X2)



UPDATE x2: So just over 80,000 signatures and rising. Congrats people, y’done good. But Dredd still needs our help.  That’s why on Wednesday, September 18th,  it’s time to put your money where your mouse is. 2000AD is launching a ‘Call to Action’, a global wide event with the hopes that the studio heads will notice the demand that a sequel is in. So go buy the Blu-ray, t-shirts, what have you! This is it citizens, we can do this.  For more info, click HERE!

UPDATE: Well the people have spoken and 2000AD has heard. Thanks to YOUR support, and obviously Franks, 2000AD has started an official petition to make a DREDD sequel. So click HERE or on the image above and let’s find some justice for Dredd. 

Over the weekend something amazing happened. Something very uncommon, that can only happen when a group of people come together for a just cause. When people set aside their differences and unite to breathe life back into a property that had been snuffed out before it’s time.

Every week, Hollywood pumps out franchise after franchise, hoping that their movie will be the next big thing. But for every Avenger’s and Dark Knight, we are forced to sit through a Green Lantern or a, dare I say it, a Twilight. However, sometimes a movie comes out, and despite the rave reviews, excellent premise and tight cast, the movie fizzles out and dissolves into obscurity. But none of those movies have been DREDD.

If you have been on facebook, or twitter or any comic book/movie site over the past week you may have noticed this peculiar event. It seems that the world has come together, went to their computers, or Wal-Marts or Best Buys and bought DREDD on DVD or Blu-Ray. Infact, DREDD currently sits at #19 on Amazon.UK’s best sellers list after peaking at #1, and #25 in the US. Not bad for a movie that debuted #10 in the North American Box-Office and has been available on home video since January. So how did this happen?

220px-Dredd2012PosterWell, a lot of it has to do with Frank from Ohio. Frank runs the Make a DREDD Sequel facebook page and it’s because of him that the dream of a DREDD sequel is within our grasp. When he heard from a source that DNA films was about to review the DVD/Blu-Ray sales, Frank knew this was his last chance. So he started an online crusade, asking all fans to put their money where their mouths are. I had a little chat with him the other day about what made him take a stand for a movie he loved.

FRANK: I started the page after I saw the movie in theaters and like everyone else didn’t think it would be that great. I was blown away and it literally made me sick that there wouldn’t be a sequel.  My girlfriend was pissed that I brought her with me to watch it and she ended up loving it too!

I started the page as a last ditch effort not really thinking much would come out of it and now look. People are buying tons of Blu-ray/DVD’s (some people have 10 copies themselves).

SoS: It’s quite impressive especially the UK response, what was seeing DREDD hit #1 yesterday like for you?

FRANK: It was pretty amazing to see that in such little time. It’s still moving up the charts in the U.S.

SoS: Had you read any of the Judge Dredd comics prior to seeing the film?

FRANK: Before seeing DREDD in theaters, I hadn’t read the comics and was really only familiar with the Stallone film (a problem that prevented most people from seeing the movie I think). I don’t really think the theatrical trailer really captured what the movie is all about either.

SoS: Do you have a message for all the DREDD fans out there?

FRANK: A message to all DREDD fans would be to just continue supporting the movie by buying it, renting it and spreading the word. Show it to your friends, relatives, cat, dog, etc.

So there you have it. If you are a fan of the movie please do your part, I know I bought my copy and one for my mother two days ago. We are bombarded with undeserving franchises year after year, and when Hollywood finally gets it right, we turn our backs and let it drown. But not this time, this time we have a chance to make a difference, and we all owe it all to Frank from Ohio.