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E3 2015: PC gamers prepare for battle!

E3 2015: PC gamers prepare for battle!


War. A main staple of PC Gaming. This year there were plenty of reasons to enter the battle arena at the PC Gaming Press Conference. Here’s a brief review of skirmishes to come.


15 years ago the first Total War game was released. Since then the Total War franchise has featured wars firmly planted in history. This year however, Total War: Warhammer moves into the realm of fantasy. By incorporating fantasy elements developers are able to explore new avenues. Fantasy characters will have deep skill trees, perhaps the deepest and most complicated to date.

fable legends 2

Fable Legends is set to come out later this year for Windows 10 alongside the Xbox One. This means that for the first time ever, console players will be able to play for/against their pals/enemies who prefer a PC! While the game is set to launch on both platforms simultaneously, the beta testing for both platforms will be running at separate times. The Xbox One beta is open for sign-ups now, and the PC beta will be opening “soon.”


Gigantic is 5v5 MOBA/third-person shooter hybrid developed by Motiga that sports a unique art style. Rather than protecting a core, players will need to defend a guardian who battles along side them. Gigantic will be free-to-play when it officially launches. Those players who are interested in testing the game out can sign-up now!

guild wars 2

Send out a call to your guild members, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is going to be one expansion you can’t afford to miss. Guild Halls are maps that players own, and can win from other guilds. Players can form teams, compete, quest, and adventure as a guild. There is also world vs. world. Pre-purchase guarantees access to all upcoming betas.


Splash Damage sent the military home with their presentation of Dirty Bomb, a mercenary based first-person-shooter that is play for free on Steam right now this very second as an open beta. Players can enjoy 5v5 or 8v8 multiplayer action. Setting up a balanced mercenary team and plenty of communication will be the key to dominating maps.

London is a post-apocalyptic wasteland with no law and no order, it’s time to call in the mercenaries. Suit up and go toe-to-toe with other soldiers of fortune as you battle it out for riches and bragging rights. Work together or die alone in the most challenging team-based FPS.

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