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E3 2015: Two console exclusive games make the jump to PC

E3 2015: Two console exclusive games make the jump to PC


During the PC Gaming Press Conference, dedicated mouse and keyboard gamers were pleased to hear that two games that were previously console exclusive, would now be making their way to PC’s everywhere.


The Coalition’s Rod Ferguson announced early on in the show that Gears of War: Ultimate Editionan HD upgrade of the Xbox 360 classic, would be coming to PC. The PC version of Ultimate Edition will run at 4k and have DX12 support. Ferguson coyly hinted that Gears of War 4 might make its way to PC’s as well.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray made an appearance out of nowhere at the very last second and reported that No Man’s Sky will be coming to PC! Okay, maybe it wasn’t out of nowhere. There had been rumors circulating on the web that No Man’s Sky would be released on PC, but now we have confirmation. This overly ambitious project dazzled audiences once again at this years E3. After watching the trailer shown at the PC Gaming Press Conference, Murray joked that LA had gone to the team’s head. Hello Games has plenty of reason to celebrate however, as No Man’s Sky promises to lead gaming in a very exciting direction.

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