Edgar Wright’s lists His Favourite Films of 2010

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British filmmaker Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hott Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) took a moment and listed his top 5 films of 2010 for GQ. It’s a decent list minus Enter The Void. Here it is:

The Social Network

Black Swan

Toy Story 3

Enter the Void

127 Hours

On The Playlist, Edgar Wright listed his top 10 Underrated or Underseen Movies of 2010. Enter The Void once again makes the list but it is nice to see Vincenzo Natali’s Canadian freaky and more perverted Frankenstein-style story (Splice) make an appearance.

1. Four Lions
2. Enter The Void
3. Splice
4. Tiny Furniture
5. Never Let Me Go
6. The Last Exorcism
7. MacGruber
8. Life During Wartime
9. Please Give
10. Frozen

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