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Sony producing a female-led ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff

Sony producing a female-led ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff


Deadline reports some interesting news that Sony has hired Lisa Joy Nolan to write the screenplay of a female led-film in the universe of The Amazing Spider-Man. This news comes after recent developments that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been pushed back to 2018.  Sony has been planning to create their own Avengers-style cinematic universe with The Amazing Spider-Man, with planned Sinister Six and Venom spinoffs, but after the less than positive critical response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it being the lowest grossing Spider-Man film to date at $707 million (good for Spider-man, but not great), Sony is currently retooling their plans.

Though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may be the series the character deserves and doesn’t instill much confidence in the franchise going further, it is exciting to hear that we’re getting a female-centric superhero film. Though many backwards-thinking folk may cite Catwoman and Elektra for reasons why female led superhero movies don’t work, those films are from a different era and we’re living in a time where Guardians of the Galaxy, a film with a talking raccoon, opened at $94 million and has been almost universally loved by both critics and audiences. Moviegoers should be ready for anything in the realm of superheroes. Collider also points out that “the Guardians opening weekend was 44% female—the biggest yet for a Marvel movie” and that recent female-led blockbusters like The Hunger Games and Frozen have been immensely successful.

No other information has been provided on this female led Spider-Man spinoff. There are many strong female characters in Spider-Man lore including Black Cat, who had a small non-costumed role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman.

Drew Goddard’s (The Cabin in the Woods) Sinister Six is still slated for release in 2016. No release date for the female centric Spider-Man film has been officially announced, but /Film and Variety say it will be released sometime in 2017.