Evil Dead Re-released in Theatres

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evil_deadIt happens pretty often where you see a movie for the first time and it has the ability to give you shivers. It moves you and makes you feel a certain way, unlike anything else. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to see those movies in a theatre and lose yourself for a few hours. When you walk out of that dark theatre, into the street or the subway, you have this moment where you are still in your head.

Imagine if you were able to have that feeling with those movies like Ghostbusters, where you watch it and can only imagine being in a theatre seeing it with your buddies when it came out the first time. Well now, you can!

According to filmjunk.com, Grindhouse Company is re-releasing a whole slew of older classics. Ghostbusters has yet to be re-released but word is that Evil Dead is on the list. If you check out the Grindhouse Company website, it will tell you all about their mission to release these movies in smaller theatres, with a little more character and generally lower prices.

So far on their list in small town USA is the cult horror classic that caused lots of controversy amongst animal rights activists, is the movie Cannibal Holocaust. Can you imagine going to see that gem on the big screen for a first movie date?

The latest addition to the movies to get a theatrical re-release is Evil Dead. In the last two years the director Sam Raimi has been a busy man, directing and producing many well-known blockbuster hits. Now, if you are a fan and were still in diapers when Evil Dead was released in theatres, you are getting a second chance to go and see it as though it were the first time.

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