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Fight Club: The Musical Update

A while back – as in years ago – David Fincher discussed the possibility of making a Fight Club musical for the film’s tenth anniversary. According to Badass Digest, when The Social Network screened for members of the Screen Actors Guild this week, Fincher mentioned during the Q&A that he’s been recently in talks with Trent Reznor about following up on the idea. Trent Reznor has already expressed interest in doing the music, and considering he is now scoring the currently-in-production Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the idea of a Fight Club musical seems increasingly likely. Fight Club is not the only film with a heavy cult following to be turned into a musical. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead (to name a few) have both found their way to the stage, and recently at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, director Stuart Gordon gave us a sneak peek at the Re-Animator Musical. More to come.