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‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ announced for North America

‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ announced for North America


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper
iOS, Android

There are very few series with such a strong and fervent following as Final Fantasy, and Square-Enix is now leveraging their passionate fan base with a new title called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

Using a similar aesthetic to the SNES classic, Final Fantasy VIFF: RK is aiming to put you back into the boots of some of the most treasured and beloved characters in the series’ 30 year history. The trailer, shown below, is basically just a hit reel of some of Final Fantasy‘s most iconic moments, with a bit of the gameplay from the new title shown in the second half.

With that said, however, there is a string of good news to go with the announcement, the first bit of which concerns the games release date. It seems Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will be available for download this very Spring, and that’s not all…because FF:RK will also be 100% free for both iOS and Android platforms.

Fans who are especially interested can register at the official website for even more free perks in the form of pre-order bonuses–for a game they won’t even have to pay for. Talk about win-win!