First Three Directors Announced For New International Horror Anthology ‘The Profane Exhibit’

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With The Theatre Bizarre, Chillerama, The ABC’s of Death and now The Profane Exhibit, the horror anthology is making a big come back. The Profane Exhibit, promises to bring together some of the biggest names in the international horror underground scene, and some of those names have now been announced via Twitch. The list contains two Canadian directors and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy doing the score to one of the shorts.

Here are the details on the first three confirmed entries:


Manna – Edmonton, Canada ( 14 mins )
Director: Michael Todd Schneider (August Underground’s Mordum)

Cast: Amber-lynn Walker (Guinea Pig(TV) ) – 1st Apprentice
Madeleine Horn (International Fetish Model) – Priestress

Score: Seb Komor (Icon of Coil, Zombie Girl)

SFX: Autumn Cook (Sella Turcica, Theatre Bizarre)
Jerami Cruise (Murder Set Pieces, Theatre Bizarre, August Underground Series)

Good Wife – Vancouver, Canada (10 mins)
Director: Ryan Nicholson (Live Feed, Gutterballs)

Cast: Dan Ellis (Gutterballs, Hanger)
Monique Parent (80’s B Movie Queen)
Tina Krause (Penny Dreadful, The Vampire Seduction)

Score: cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)

Tochka – Khabarovsk, Russia (10 mins)
Director: Andrey Iskanov (Philosophy of a Knife, Ingression)

Score: Scott Putesky (Marilyn Manson, Jack Off Jill)


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