New Girl, Ep 2.15,“Cooler”:Smash Cuts, Confidence 101 And The Return Of True American

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New Girl Season 2, Episode 15: “Cooler”
Written by Rebecca Addelman
Directed by Max Winkler
Airs on Tuesdays at 9PM on FOX

We get another great episode of New Girl this week as we see the return of ridiculously fun drinking game, “True American”.

“Cooler” dials back the wackiness of the last few episodes, for a more straightforward and fun, hangout episode. Kicking off the episode, Schmidt states he needs to start having sex again, and the audience see the guys hilariously getting ready and excited in true girl-like fashion. Nick tells Jess she cannot come along, as she is his “cooler” (aka. a bad wing woman) – more great, American terminology for viewers in other countries.

Not used to being at the loft alone, and growing bored the audience are exposed to a hilarious montage of what Jess gets up to alone. Shortly after, there is a smash cut showing the boys back at Nick’s bar (another excellent example of how well New Girl functions as a sitcom; the characters always end up here or at the loft). The editors really are the hidden stars of New Girl, providing hilarity through flawless execution of scenes from brilliantly crafted montages, dynamic smash cuts and hilarious cutaways.

Hearing noises and calling all of the other supporting characters, the boys plus two girls they meet at the bar all end up back at the loft. To make up for being Nick’s cooler, Jess takes it upon herself to alter the rules of “True American” in his favour so he can hook up with supporting character Holly (Brooklyn Decker), a girl who is attracted to sad guys.

This of course backfires in true sitcom style ending up with Nick and Jess having to kiss. It is the moment audiences have been waiting for and it is strung out in absolutely fantastic fashion. Leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, dying to see if they will or won’t. Whenever they get remotely close to kissing, one of the supporting characters Jess previously called arrives! In hilarious Miller fashion Nick finds a ridiculous way to escape the awkward situation after revealing he doesn’t want to kiss Jess like this.

This week’s episode also includes a great Winston B-story (finally!). Upon embarrassing himself trying to hit on Holly (in hilarious fashion as always), he ends up talking to engaged voyeur Daisy (Brenda Song) giving him a confidence 101. By the end of the episode, we learn she is in fact available and Winston can finally make his move.

In a desperate bid to move on and get laid, Schmidt demands Cece to confirm her love for him for Holly to hear. This is also another Nick and Jess situation; although they had a relationship and broke up, there is a lingering factor present. None of her dates seem successful, and something always brings her back to the loft.

With the majority of the group going off into their bedrooms hooking up, this brings us to the real kiss between Nick and Jess and it couldn’t have been done any better. It happens when the right moment has passed and Nick takes Jess and the audience by complete surprise. If anyone was getting fed up with the familiar Ross/Rachel, sitcom romance this episode is sure to reel them back in. Deschanel and Johnson are fantastic throughout and their kiss is definitely a game changer. New Girl is a show that thrives on “the more the merrier”, which could mean Song will return as there is still mystery left to her character.

“Cooler” hinges on instincts and, with Nick giving Jess a kiss that marks a major turning point in their relationship, a huge can of worms has been opened for the writers. With Jess still with Sam, it seems likely Jess and Nick won’t resolve this for another season, but there will probably be some more hilarious, awkward moments on the way.


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