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Five Games for Your Next Family Get-Together

Five Games for Your Next Family Get-Together

The Griswold Family Christmas Portrait

The holidays are here, which probably means you’ll be spending more time with parents, grandparents, siblings, young offspring, and that uncle who spends all his time next to the eggnog. While it’s great to see family members more often, it also means you have to entertain them. Here’s a list of games that the whole family can play together, and hopefully make the holidays a little more cheerful.

lego marvel superheroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

(Multi-Platform – Max Players: 2)

The LEGO franchise really shines when played cooperatively, and in the latest and arguable best rendition of the running LEGO video game franchise, each family member will be able to choose from a massive selection of Marvel superheroes and villains. Almost every character from the Marvel universe is unlockable, from the likes of Mr. Fantastic and The Hulk to Juggernaut and the Punisher. You’ll fight bosses cooperatively across a wide spectrum of locations such as Doctor Doom’s Castle and Asgard, in addition to having the ability to freely roam (or fly) through a sprawling New York City. With so much content and a family-friendly LEGO atmosphere, this is one game that will keep everyone playing long after the credits have rolled.


 disney infinity

Disney Infinity

(Multi-Platform – Max Players: 2)

If you’re looking for a new experience topped with nostalgia and a robust set of mini games, Disney Infinity is just up your alley. In this latest combination of action figures and video games you’ll be able to play and compete as all of your favorite Disney characters. Take part in Adventure mode where players can tackle waves of enemies in the gladiator arena, race and battle as the cast of Cars, try and destroy their opponent’s castle with a giant slingshot, or compete in a giant game of soccer. Though the starter pack only comes with three characters (you could always ask grandma to pick up a few more…), the mini games and main quest will still provide hours of entertainment while adventuring as Sully, Mr. Incredible, and Capt. Jack Sparrow.


street fighter 4

Street Fighter IV / Soulcalibur II HD Online / Super Smash Bros.

(Multi-Platform – Max Players: 4)

Everyone loves winning in fighting games, and there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a Perfect against a loved one on your favorite holiday. The titles mentioned above provide a nice mix for both button-mashers and experts alike, though feel free to substitute with your favorite title. Just pay attention to whom you smack-talk.


  dance central 3

Dance Central 3

(Multi-Platform – Max Players: 2)

As a rhythm game combined with motion control, Dance Central 3 is seemingly built just for family get-togethers. With the ability to have dance-offs, it’s now possible to fairly determine who is the best dancer in the family. Kinect also takes pictures while you dance, and provides a highlight reel at the end of every song (it wouldn’t be a family holiday without embarrassment). Don’t worry about your mom not being able to find something she likes, either. The Dance Central series has always provided a nice mix of new and old music, and the latest in the series comes with a track listing that doesn’t disappoint; from the Backstreet Boys and Nicki Minaj, to “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps, Dance Central 3 has enough variety to please all ages.


Super Mario 3D World

(Platform: Wii U – Max Players: 4)

In the end, the ideal game for the holidays is something that everyone can both understand and enjoy. Super Mario 3D World lets players team up cooperatively as they run, jump, and solve puzzles across twelve different worlds. The starting characters include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, and each character has different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll have to effectively coordinate those aspects (along with a slew of new collectible  powers) in order to complete levels. This is easily one of the best Mario games in years, and is at its highest when enjoyed with others.


There you have it, five great games to play together as a family this holiday season. Now no one can say you don’t know how to throw a family get-together. With that in mind, just remember what’s important when the game is over, and why you picked up these games in the first place. Happy Holidays.