Four More Nights! (Hey, Toronto After Dark, Use These Adjectives)

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The good news, Torontonians, is that you still have four nights to partake in a world-class film festival. The bad news is that tickets are selling fast.

In festivals past, some truly remarkable films have made Toronto After Dark their Toronto debut: the hilarious Dead Snow, the creepy Trick or Treat, and the incredible Let the Right One In. Chances are that something equally incredible will make its debut at this festival. Also of note is the Toronto premier of The Human Centipede.

On the first night of Toronto After Dark, programming director Adam Lopez remarked that he was pleased that the Toronto Starcalled the festival’s selection ‘weird.’ Honestly, ‘weird’ does not do the festival justice. Here are some better words and phrases: macabre, madcap gore-fest, gleeful mayhem, and delightfully perverse. Check it out.

– Dave Robson

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