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Fox Confirms ‘Deadpool’ with Ryan Reynolds for 2016

Fox Confirms ‘Deadpool’ with Ryan Reynolds for 2016

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

After years of rumors, 20th Century Fox has officially confirmed that they will be producing a film based on the popular Marvel character, Deadpool. The Hollywood Reporter and Fox’s Twitter account confirm the news and that Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role as the “Merc With a Mouth”.

Reynolds was one of the few bright spots of the not very good X-men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. He had the voice of the character down pat until he went missing for most of the film and returned as a bastardized muted version of the character in the film’s terrible third act.

THR points out that Reynolds, the film’s largest proponent, cited that the vocal fanbase after the leaked test footage was what reinvigorated the project. The CG footage was incredibly faithful to the character, being both over-the-top in terms of both violence and humor.

Considered to be an X-men character, Deadpool is not actually a mutant. He was a highly skilled mercenary, named Wade Wilson, who was diagnosed with cancer and volunteered to be a test subject of the Weapon X project. The experiments left hum horribly scarred and drove him mad, which turned into him gaining a cartoonish sense of humor and the ability to turn literally any opportunity, no matter how dangerous to terrifying, into a joke. He is also know for breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader, often referencing the fact that he is in a comic and referencing real world events and pop culture (like rambling on about how “dreamy” Tobey Maguire is in the Spider-man movies while actually fighting Spider-man).

Fox’s Deadpool, a spinoff of the ever-popular X-men will finally hit theaters on February 12th, 2016. Here’s hoping it’s rated R, so Deadpool can really let loose. The test footage can be seen below.


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