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Gamer Christmas Shopping on a budget

Gamer Christmas Shopping on a budget


The holiday season is already upon us and if you have some gamers on your list you have your hands full. Not everyone has the funds to get gamers the new consoles and games this holiday season. So what do you give the gamer on your list? Here are some solutions to help you get something for every gamer on your list.

1) Steam and other online PC sales: Steam has regular sales on various titles either through the week and on the weekends. Some weekends offer a free to play version of the game and giving you a hefty discount in the process. But one of the most best kept secrets around the web is called This is a website that packages games for a donation (that can be as little as $6) and by having a weekly sale as well as a store there are more than a few games to choose from. And the best part about humble bundle? You can GIFT the purchase to someone else. And the games are not crappy ones that no one plays as EA , Warner Brothers and 2k Games have had bundles online .

2) Discount stores: Depending on where you live in the United States there are stores that have a video game section. Big Lots, Five Below and Dollar General are some of the stores that will carry games at a hefty discount. For example I went to a local Big Lots and snagged a copy of Yakuza: Dead Souls for only $10! Five Below sells some 3DS games for only $5 so if you have a gamer these are just examples of what you can find around your hometown.

3) Dollar stores: This sounds really cheap and bad but there are some really good deals at your local dollar store. Most of the stores around my area have carried things such as EA titles (battlefield 1942, godfather, battlefield Vietnam) and some have carried a 10 pack of games. This 10 pack had games such as jagged alliance 2, septerra core and others all for the low price of a dollar! And some of the stores are getting into the app space as well as I have seen some tablet games with figures you can use on the screen. With such titles as battleship and angry birds this warrants a trip to your local dollar store!

4) Web shopping: With a multitude of choices ranging from EBay and Amazon to even GameStop there are tons of places where you can score a deal. One of the lesser known sites that have weekly specials is a store called This store not only has weekly deals but you can order most of these products online! And what’s better if you have a techie who is a PC gamer and wants a new video card for Christmas they have those as well! There are also comparison shopping websites such as nextag, pricewatch or pricetagger that will compare prices through websites.

5) Gift Cards: These make some great stocking stuffers as you can get these either to a brick and mortar store (such as Best Buy, Big Lots, Fry’s, etc.) or you can get another type of gift card. For example they make gifts cards for online games (such as steam so you can use these to purchase any game on steam). But they also make gift cards for the various online games such as World of Tanks, Everquest 2 and others. So if you know of a gamer that plays one of these online games this might make a great stocking stuffer.

These are some of the ideas to help stretch your holiday budget. So what are you waiting for? Go out, go online and start shopping and saving today to get every gamer on your list a game this season!