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Glee, Ep. 5.10, “Trio” has fans asking why

Glee, Ep. 5.10, “Trio” has fans asking why

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Glee, Season 5, Episode 10, “Trio“
Written by Rivka Sophia Rossi
Directed by Ian Brennan
Airs Tuesday 8pm ET on Fox

Glee‘s “Trio” leaves fans asking question after question. This is clearly a filler episode with just a few little bits of foreshadowing sprinkled in. Perhaps the writers and producers are beginning to regret extending McKinley’s school year across multiple seasons. Here are just some of questions we’ve been asking ourselves:

Why doesn’t Sue fire Will and Emma after a student walked in on them having sex in the bathroom? If you shuddered at the all too graphic details Emma and Will felt should be shared, you were amongst friends. That scene, only complete with Sue waxing poetical about Michael Bolton’s… umm… musical abilities, goes on for far too long.

Why did they wait so long to do the iconic Breakfast Club song?   “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds is pretty much high school in a nutshell but somehow it has taken Glee 98 episodes to find a way to fit it in. And a follow up question – Why is Sam wearing a dress?

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Why does Blaine, Tina, and Sam turn on Artie? I thought Blaine, Tina, and Artie had settled their differences with a Kelly Clarkson song but apparently in order to be a trio, they needed to ditch the continuity on this particular story arc. Most likely, it is a convenient way to make it possible for one final return of Night Bird and the choir room window antics. After all, Artie’s wheelchair would never have fit through that window. But Blaine physically pushing Artie away after the completely pointless but really fun Destiny’s Child number seems really out of character and isn’t Sam’s best quality, outside of that trouty mouth, the fact he is nice to everyone?

Why don’t they let Kurt sing more? This question applies to every episode of Glee. Seriously.

Why has Rachel’s personality devolved into high school sophomore Rachel? I thought New York was good for Rachel. She seemed to be growing up but despite her big girl hair cut and mostly chic black wardrobe, the last two episodes have proven me wrong.  Showing up at Elliot’s house, lying about being kicked out after she banished herself, then making him sleep on the couch and making him run her dry-cleaning all over town? Between the comment that she “gave” Kurt to Santana and calling Elliot her best gay, it seems like she has some more growing up.

Why can’t Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato stay on Glee until the end of time? The demise of Pamela Lansbury means Demi and Adam have a limited engagement.  I have a feeling One Three Hill is destined for Pamela Lansbury’s fate.

What did we miss? What had you asking why?

Written by Rachel Brandt