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Hannibal Ep 1.12 “Relevés” sets up a promising finalé

Hannibal Ep 1.12 “Relevés” sets up a promising finalé


Hannibal Season 1, Episode 12 “Relevés”
Directed by Michael Rymer
Written by Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller
Airs Thursdays at 10pm ET on NBC

The penultimate episode of Hannibal’s first season offers up a much more low-key hour of television, but it sets up what is promising to be a hell of a finalé. Hannibal is sure to deliver its finest course next week with tensions escalating to a fever pitch. Lives and reputations are on the line and Will (Hugh Dancy) is slowly putting the pieces to the puzzle together. The death of Georgia Madchen (Ellen Muth) leads Will to realize the truth about the copycat killer, while Jack (Laurence Fishburne) begins to have suspicions, and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) reveals his true self to poor Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl). For a series that is usually dialogue-heavy, Hannibal does an excellent job in ratcheting up the tension.

While “Relevés” continues to add to the body count, the episode features a far less gruesome death than what we’ve come to expect. Georgia’s return this week is short-lived and we can only assume Hannibal is responsible for leaving behind the comb in her oxygen tube. It was a brilliant idea on the part of the writing staff, and even more surprising is how many similar cases have been reported world-wide (just google it). Meanwhile Abigail dies twice (well sort of). Will imagining himself killing Abigail was a successful fake out, and her confrontation with Hannibal was well played. I think it is safe to say she will not be returning next season.


Its almost fitting this episode is titled “Relevés,” also known as the Piece de resistance or Main Course. It seems all the big plot points of the season finally connected and supporting players who are no longer needed are removed from the equation. As show runner Bryan Fuller stated, “The various ingredients and plot threads highlighted over the season-long arcs are brought to a boil with tantalizing reveals and dramatic confessions, all served on a delectable plate.”

The highlight this week comes from Will’s vision of Georgia being impaled on antlers, only to burn away and reveal the stag that has stalked him all season long. While the effects in Georgia’s actual death were spotty, Will’s hallucination was artfully executed. Equally memorable is the genuine sadness in Hannibal’s apology to Jack. Hannibal may have been manipulating Will all season long but his fondness towards Will is genuine. Hannibal desires Graham’s friendship and foolishly believes, if he can create a monster out of Will, he’ll have someone to connect with. But there is fundamental difference between the two. Hannibal will never be able to connect with anyone, no matter how hard he tries. Psychopathy can be considered one of the prototypical disorders associated with empathic dysfunction, and Hannibal is a psychopath.

Ricky D

Extended thoughts:

Jack: “It’s not that I think Dr. Lecter is dangerous.”

I’m glad some explained why Beverly was M.I.A.

Freddie Lounds is a smart women. Maybe the F.B.I. Should hire her.