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Happy Endings, Ep. 3.02, “Sabado Free-Gante”: “This chandelier is gonna make it tough for chicken fights!”

Happy Endings, Ep. 3.02, “Sabado Free-Gante”: “This chandelier is gonna make it tough for chicken fights!”

Happy Endings, Season 3, Episode 2: “Sabado Free-Gante”
Written by Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fener
Directed by Stuart McDonald
Airs Tuesdays at 9pm (ET) on ABC

Who wants to go as the Jackson 5 Marionette? Yeah, that would be the award winning costume that our six abnormally weird friends go as for Halloween this year on Happy Endings. After the first few seconds of the opening, we can tell that this episode is going to be a lot funnier than last week’s premiere. Dave dressed up as LaToya, alone, is hysterical. And it brings forth the quick witted, crazy lines that we are used to, “Why you got to be so stupid, LaToya?!” “Look the beer’s all over LaToya’s beard!”

The second episode of the season definitely doesn’t disappoint. We see each of the six splitting into pairs for three separate storylines: Penny and Jane buying a car, Alex and Dave getting an apartment, and Brad and Max, well, just being Brad and Max. Each one has highlights of their own and there are no weak links at all this week. It is nice to watch Eliza Coupe play the crazy, anal Jane that we know and love. Coupe’s comedic talent and delivery of her lines are pure brilliance. And this week they are at their finest as she tries to hustle with the car dealers, training a very naive Penny in the ways of negotiating.

The Dave/Alex storyline not only gives space for Zachary Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert to show their comedic talent, without being overshadowed by the others, it also gives us the wonderfully hilarious Rachael Harris who plays their real estate agent. When the two do not commit to an apartment, it gives Harris a chance to stand out in her guest spot, especially at the end when she goes off on the both of them. Her outburst is totally believable; who wouldn’t be frustrated with their crazy excuses? Haunted? No dial up? And chicken fights?

Brad and Max’s storyline is enjoyable; it is nice to the see the two of them paired together. Watching them run around town together is pretty funny, especially when Max smacks a big guy and they end up getting chased around by him. And crashing every help group meeting in town is just priceless. While there aren’t as many memorable quotes from the Brad/Max scene, it still delivers on the goods and keeps us entertained.

The MVP of the night is between Coupe and Casey Wilson, with Coupe and her strong neurotic, negotiating sense pulling her into first place for the win. All in all, the second episode of season three does not disappoint and actually is stronger than the premiere, utilizing the entire cast to their strongest abilities. Bring on next Tuesday! Oh, and “Why do I always HAVE to be LaToya?”

Josh Bouye