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Happy Endings, Ep. 3.09, “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”: “I can spin this! That’s why they call me the Old Spinster!”

Happy Endings, Ep. 3.09, “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”: “I can spin this! That’s why they call me the Old Spinster!”

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Happy Endings, Season 3, Episode 9: “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”
Written by Daniel Chun
Directed by Michael A. Price
Airs Sundays at 10pm (ET) and Tuesdays at 9pm (ET) on ABC

We find the group sitting around their usual table and having a casual drink with each other when Max comes running in complaining about his love life. The group throws a few jabs at one another before the episode gets underway. This time around we find Jane paired up with Max as the two of them, accompanied with Derek, go out to find just who Max is and why he can’t find a guy. The storyline does bring us a few laughs and Adam Pally makes you feel sincerely sorry for the quick chirping Max.

Dave and Brad are placed together in the episode, which is a nice change. Now that Alex and Dave are back together these two hardly ever get paired up. The two of them have one mission on their mind. It’s to prove their manhood by installing a dimmer switch by themselves. Eventually by the end of the episode they are questioning the other one’s manhood and get caught up in a game to prove who the better man is. While it is fun to see Dave and Brad together, the best storyline belongs Dave’s beautifully dim-witted girlfriend.

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The most laughs of the night come from Penny and Alex’s storyline. After Alex sells a dress to a celebrity named Winnie, Penny convinces her to tell the paparazzi where the celebrity is going. They end up ruining her date, but Alex gets some much needed publicity for her store, thanks to Penny’s wise ways. Casey Wilson and Elisha Cuthbert handle their storyline with ease. It’s exciting to watch them. Their facial expressions when they realize that they ruined the Winnie’s date and turned her into a monster, are gold. Wilson continuing to pose for the paparazzi as she spins the chain of events for the good of Alex’s store is wonderful. And Alex, even after everything that has happened, texting the paparazzi to let them know that Winnie is in her store. Wilson gets the last laugh when she decides to impersonate Winnie and ends up ramming her head (of course, classic Penny!) into the car.

While the Penny/Alex storyline stands out, the others’ storylines definitely fit in well with the episode. They mesh and flow together with ease, providing laughs throughout the entire half an hour and making us want more. Like last episode, since the group is placed into twosomes, it would be unfair to break them up. While Dave and Brad trying to prove their manhood to one another and Jane clubbing it up with Max are hysterical, the MVP of the Week unquestionably goes to Alex and Penny. The absurd situations that they get themselves into are brilliant on the writers’ part and Cuthbert and Wilson do it flawlessly.

In the end everything works out for all parties and Max just might have met someone that could have some of the same interests that he does. Sadly though, that means that our group of six lovable weirdoes won’t be back until next week, when we will receive yet another double dose! So until then, go clubbing with your friends, prove yourself to them, but don’t sell out a celebrity just for publicity!

Josh Bouye