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HIVE OF SCUM #0: “Welcome to the S***”

HIVE OF SCUM #0: “Welcome to the S***”


Hello there, scumbags, perverts, miscreants, and malefactors. This is Scary Cleve, the most rotten smut-monger in the world (or at least on PopOptiq). I’m here to gladly (begrudgingly) introduce you to my new column, Hive of Scum. What is Hive of Scum? Well, pay attention ’cause I’m only gonna explain it once:

Hive of Scum is a column dedicated to the search for, critique of, and promotion of indie comics. N0! Not the fancy dooky “indie” rags over at Image, Dark Horse, Boom!, Black Mask, Action Lab, Vertigo, Oni Press, Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, IDW, and Dynamite. I’m talking about small press comics, stuff put out by jerks that gathered whatever scraps they could gather and published it themselves, or got some bottom feeder nobodies to publish it for them.46b3126ff5e966ff1b223e9a6d1cff5abd72215622166d5da29500c62e2472a4

This won’t be a typical review column where I’ll just tell you if it’s good, bad, or yaaaaawn. See, I’m gonna be kind and help these poor schmucks. I’ll be doing reviews in three parts: cover, art, and story. I’ll analyze in detail what is good about them, what sucks about them, and how to make them suck less. Plus, since I’m feeling more generous than usual, I’ll add links to the creators’ social media and/or websites (If the poor bums can even afford that.).

Updates will be every week on Wednesday, and maybe even two if I’m sober enough. Hopefully, you’ll like what they got and even buy their stuff. Or not. You’ll probably just download it, you cheapskates. There, now that wasn’t too hard was it? You can get back to your porn and cat videos now (Or cat porn if that’s what you’re into, ya filthy freaks.)

This week, we got two comics: Queen by Jamie “Jerk” Me and Bernardinus “Git” Gita; and Midnight Menagerie by some purple duck named Bwillett. Hey, I don’t know where these guys come from. They find me.

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