‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ director set to go underwater with next feature

Jason Eisener and Rutger Hauer

The guy behind the hilariously named thriller, Hobo with a Shotgun, is heading underwater for Fox next.

The Tracking Board reports writer/director Jason Eisener is going to the big time after signing a deal to direct an untitled project for Fox. According to the report, the film will feature underwater action sequences, is based off an original idea of Eisener’s and is similar tonally to his eerie short One Last Dive.

The report also says “Eisener’s new project is taking a unique approach in that it’s attempting to reinvent the haunted house genre in a terrifying new way, described as a very individual spin on the horror genre, much like how Cloverfield was a new take on monster movies. Like One Last Dive, the feature too will utilize first-person POV sequences.”

While thrillers and horror films are pretty general in Hollywood, it seems like this project and how Eisener wants to make it, could allow this to be something new and surreal. The first-person action trait has been used recently with Hardcore, which played at TIFF, but Eisener has some experience using the technique and should bring it more into the mainstream than the previous movie will.

Eisener recently produced Turbo Kid this year, but no release date is set for his thriller with Fox.

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