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Severin Films Finally releases the HARDWARE: Uncut 2-disc DVD


If you missed our interview last month with John Cregan of Severin Films, than you might not have yet heard the exciting news. Richard Stanley’s classic sci-fi horror, Hardware, (one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time) is finally getting a long overdue DVD release form the boys over at Severin Films. For the first time ever, the film will be presented uncut and in pristine widescreen with a plethora of special features that nobody saw coming. For years fans have been forced to sacrifice shelf space, aspect ratio, and a large dollop of studio-censored blood-fueled mayhem to their decade-old VHS copies of Hardware. Much like Richard Stanley’s Dust Devil which had a whopping five disk DVD release, Hardware promises to be one of the best disk releases in 2009. If you haven’t had a chance to see this post-apocalyptic cyberpunk celluloid shocker, than start by watching the promo video below, and take my word that Hardware is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.