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How Do I Know If My TV has Bluetooth?

How Do I Know If My TV has Bluetooth?

It seems that everything we use today has Bluetooth capabilities and it has made everything much more convenient.

Some devices are better at keeping up with the times better than others, which includes certain companies, manufacturers, brands, etc.

Majority of TVs made currently have Smart TV capabilities, which enables you to connect your other Bluetooth compatible devices like headphones, computers, and speakers. It also allows you to stream videos and other programs through built-in wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

It makes connecting all of your devices much smoother, especially if you are a gamer and need your headphones connected to the audio on your TV so you can talk trash to your friends without your mom hearing too much.

If you are not sure if your TV has Bluetooth, but aren’t really sure where to look, hopefully, the suggestions listed below will be helpful for you.

If you go through the suggested steps and end up finding out that your TV does not have Bluetooth, but you would like for it to have Bluetooth, there are also options below for buying a Bluetooth adapter to plug into your TV, which essentially transforms your TV to make it Bluetooth compatible at very affordable pricing.

No need to go on any longer without your TV connected to Bluetooth, so whether you find the answer you wanted or the answer you didn’t want, you’ll have Bluetooth either way by the end of the article.

Do Some Research

There are a few things you can do first if you are trying to figure out if your TV has Bluetooth or not.

The steps are very simple, and you can hopefully get the answer you are looking for relatively quickly. First things first, check your user manual.

Hopefully, you didn’t throw the user manual out for your TV the day you bought it thinking you were never going to use it (like most people do).

If you are lucky enough to still have your user manual handy, it will say in there if one of the features is Bluetooth. It should also have a section that helps navigate through the process of locating it on your TV and enabling it if that is the issue.

If you, unfortunately, do not have your user manual anymore, that’s not an issue. It will just take a little bit longer, but the next thing you need to do is search the internet.

A close look at a hand pointing the remote to the smart TV.

Either the website of the store where you bought the TV or the company who makes the TV should both have the information available on their website regarding your TV and if it has Bluetooth or not.

You are going to need to know the model of TV you have for this step, so hopefully, you know what kind of TV you own.

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However, if you still have no idea, you might be able to find out in the setting section of your TV. If you have an Android TV, press the help button on your remote control to access your settings. Then you want to go to Status and Diagnostics or Troubleshooting and System Information and select System Information.

For all other TVs, Press the home button and select settings from the menu. Go to the section that says system setting or product support and select customer support or system information.

The majority of TV models that have been released since 2016 also have the option to select product information. For TV’s released before that there should be a Help (?) button on most devices.

Okay, I am running out of suggestions here. But if you don’t know what kind of TV you have, I have one final suggestion before I suggest going back to the store where you bought it and go to the spot you picked it out and cross your fingers that it’s still there so you can read the tag (then do a victory dance in the middle of the aisle because your quest is over).

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However, the final suggestion is for you to do a simple Google search for the brand of TV you have, such as Samsung or Vizio, and go to Google images and try to find the TV you own based on what it looks like.

Hopefully, you will be able to narrow it down. That will definitely be more time consuming, but it may be the only way.

Check Your Remote & Settings

One clear indicator of your TV’s Bluetooth capabilities is your TV’s remote. Not the remote you use for your cable box, the actual remote that came with the TV.

If your remote has Smart TV options, then you definitely have Bluetooth capability. It may be a matter of going into your settings and turning it on, so that is the next place you need to go to get your Bluetooth connected and running smoothly if your remote confirms that you do have a Smart TV.

Whether you want to check the connection from your wireless internet to your Bluetooth to enable it on your TV or you still are unsure if you actually have Bluetooth, the next place you want to go is into the settings menu of your TV.

There should be a section that says Bluetooth options, which is where you can test your connection to the internet.

If you find the section that says Bluetooth options, then congratulations, you have also confirmed your TV does, in fact, have Bluetooth Capability.

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Using A Bluetooth Transmitter

If you have determined your TV does not have Bluetooth accessibility, you can still get Bluetooth on your TV, but you will just need to buy an adapter.

There are some downsides to Bluetooth adapters, but they work fine, and they are better than no Bluetooth at all unless you are planning to buy a whole new TV.

Some of the downsides are the audio quality, audio lagging, the limit on the number of devices that can be connected to the Bluetooth at one time and the adapters aren’t always compatible with all of your other Bluetooth capable devices.

If you are planning to buy an adapter, there are plenty of options out there. However, before you can shop for an adapter, you need to figure out what type of connections you have for the adapter to connect to.

You will either have 3.5mm AUX, RCA, or Optical Audio Output to connect the Bluetooth with your audio on your TV. Most of the time it will be the 3.5mm AUX. Now, you can choose an adapter.

Here is a list of the top 5 adaptors to enable Bluetooth onto your TV:

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1. Avantree Audikast Plus – Amazon: $59.99

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2. Mpow 2-in-1 Bluetooth Adapter – Amazon: $27.99

AUKEY aptX Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV/Headphone, Digital Optical and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter with Low Latency, 164ft Long Range, Touch Screen and Dual Links

3. Aukey BR-08 – Amazon: $54.99

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, 2-in-1 Wireless 3.5mm Adapter (Low Latency, 2 Devices Simultaneously, for TV/Home Sound System/Nintendo Switch)

4. TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 2-in-1 Transmitter and Receiver – Amazon: $29.99

VIKEFON aptx Low Latency USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter for PC Laptop Mac PS4 Nintendo Switch, Wireless Audio Dongle with Antenna Pair 2 Headphones Simultaneously No Lip Sync Delay

5. VikeFon BT-B25 – Amazon: $20.87

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TV Compatibility List

If you are still looking for answers regarding your TV’s Bluetooth Ability, I have compiled a small list with the most popular TV’s from the most popular TV brands that have Bluetooth capability and a few other helpful tips:

1. Samsung

  • MU6100
  • Q6F
  • TU8000
  • F4000
  • 5,6,7 & 8 Series
  • V5300
  • Q60
  • M4500
  • QLED
  • Q60T
  • Q70T
  • Q80T
  • NU6900

2. Sony

  • 48H
  • X750H
  • X800H
  • X900H
  • X950H
  • A9G Master Series
  • Z8H
  • Z9H
  • A8H
  • A9S
  • X85H
  • X90H
  • X95H

3. LG

  • UN7000
  • UN7300
  • UN7070
  • UN8500
  • Class CX Series OLED
  • Smart webOS
  • Nano Cell 85 Series
  • Nano Cell 90 Series

4. Vizio (Bluetooth LE Only)

  • V Series
  • D Series
  • V Series
  • M Series
  • P Series
  • SmartCast
  • Quantum Series

**Important Note: Currently Vizio TVs only support Bluetooth LE, not regular Bluetooth, which is just a low energy Bluetooth option that helps pair mobile devices using the SmartCast app so you could use your phone like a remote for your TV.