Iconic Westerns: A Visual Guide to the Pick of the Bunch

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Westerns may appear as diverse and unruly as the characters they contain, but beneath the ten gallon hats and spurs lie a handful of basic mythologies. This guide selects one movie which epitomizes each legend plus another four outstanding examples, each one given a capsule review and illustrated with a classic movie poster.

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  1. kym houghton says

    nice idea, but gotta quibble with several of your choices. Little Big Man is a revisionst western par excellence. El Topo’s not a western at all. Meek’s Cut off might be good but it doesn’t belong on this kind of list.Ride The High Country’s great, but I would’ve put it in Classics. etc. etc.

  2. Bill Mesce says

    Cath —

    This is supremely cool! Beautifully done!

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