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Info-graphic: Zombie Brains & Surviving The Apocalypse

Info-graphic: Zombie Brains & Surviving The Apocalypse


Just when you thought the zombie crazy would die down, AMC gave the world a new reason to keep it alive and going strong with The Walking Dead series.We’ve watched some of our favorite characters from our favourite zombie films (Shaun of The Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland etc) survive a dead attack in various creative ways.

Here is an informational graphic based on the faults of the zombie brain and how to exploit them to survive the inevitable apocalypse. My personal favourite way to survive a zombie attack would be to mimic them. It only makes sense and perhaps takes the least amount of effort and energy.

According to the makers of the info-graphic there’s an actual science behind it but that’s debatable seeing how scientists don’t even have a zombie’s brain to study.

Via Geekologie