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Leftovers Book 2 is a Loose Collection of Personal Stories

Leftovers Book 2 is a Loose Collection of Personal Stories

Welcome back to Inside the Indies, dear reader! Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you, but all that means is this week will feature a double whammy of indie-goodness.

Last time, I introduced you to Leftovers Book 1 by Jason Pittman. This week, we’re focusing on Book 2 and on Thursday, it’ll be Book 3. Next week is a review of the newly released Book 4 and an interview with the man, Jason Pittman, himself!

Leftovers 2 Jason Pittman

Leftovers Book 2
Writers: Shelley Briggs & Jason Pittman
Artist: Jason Pittman

Leftovers Book Two takes a totally different approach than Book 1. Whereas the first volume was a single story, this is multiple narratives and (almost) all revolve around dating and its inherent challenges.

The first story’s written by Shelley Briggs and drawn by Jason. Simply titled Leftovers two, we’re focused on a seemingly bored and/or boring couple. They’re awkward and reading their brief story is awkward too. But that’s precisely how you should feel—at the start, the fellow doesn’t have much in the way of tact and we find, a page later, she doesn’t either. Maybe this is their first date or maybe they’ve been together a smidge too long and don’t remember how to relate. The narrative leans a certain way, but really, it’s left up to you. Had this story ended one page earlier, things would be more ambiguous and more effective.

Here Goes Our Life is up next and to call this a personal piece is an understatement—these were Jason’s vows to his wife-to-be in illustrated form. It begins with two people out of their depths, separated and continues on as they find each other and ultimately, help each other. Taking the plunge is huge and intimidating, much like the vast bodies of water Jason’s wife fears. The imagery matches this idea perfectly.

Das Gummi Bear is a quick detour into the history of Gummi Bears. While a bit of amusing, it definitely feels totally out of place in this collection. That said, it looks great, especially the all-black panel backgrounds.

Leftovers 2 Jason PittmanMoving right along, we come to The Date. This could almost be a continuation of Leftovers two‘s male character, considering all the awkward. A date has just ended and we get to see that looooong drive home and walk to the door. There’s an excellent sequence with that door that ought to be seen and the final panel is the only thing it could be, considering what’s come before.

And now, the end: Calm Storms. This one feels disjointed, like the writer knew what they were wanted to say but couldn’t translate it to the narration or art. As such, the story is confusing and the art doesn’t tell enough to make it all work.

Overall? We have a step in the right direction. The art’s improving, but there are still inconsistencies. The stories mostly work—namely The Date and Here Goes Our Life—but it’s only Calm Storms that’ll give you pause. This feels like a collection of more personal stories with a side of Gummi Bears.

All of Leftovers can be purchased at IndyPlanet, and you can catch Jason Pittman at the VA Comic Con November 23-24, in Artist Alley at table A23.