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Interview: Jose Mojica Marins & Dennison Ramalho


In 1964, while the rest of the world was watching Mary Poppins take school kids on acid trips, Brazil was thrilling to the exploits of Coffin Joe, a character mixing the best parts of Anton LaVey, Count Dracula, and a homeless old man. Considered Brazil’s first horror film, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul was followed by a sequel in 1967, with Tonight I’ll Possess Your Corpse, and Coffin Joe, a Satanic undertaker obsessed with finding the perfect woman to bear his seed, quickly became a cult favourite around the world. In 2008, creator/actor/director José Mojica Marins returned to the character with Embodiment of Evil (read Bryan White’s review here). Sound on Sight participated in a round table discussion with Marins on the subject of his most enduring creation. Please note that below is the the translated English version with Dennison Ramaho the writer of Embodiment of Evil.

Interview part 1

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Interview part 2

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