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Interview with Arcadian Knights Writer Garrett Free

Interview with Arcadian Knights Writer Garrett Free

Now for something a little different…having my own goals in the comic book industry and being an avid con goer. It didn’t take long for me to free

track down the writer for this series and get some interview questions going for him via Facebook. I doubt I touched on every subject that’s eating you guys alive, but I did touch on the curiosities that I had. Here is my interview with Arcadian Knights writer Garrett Free.

Interview Questions for Garrett Free

1) Any new projects in the pipeline for WMD?

I am currently researching and planning a sci-fi graphic novel that takes place in an alternate reality of our own world, where the Cold War never ended between the US and USSR. It tells the story of the Icarus Protocol, a secret government program that plans the colonization of space in the event of a nuclear war. Currently, I have found a cover artist and am planning on searching for a sequential artist for the project. I plan to run a Kickstarter soon.

2) You obviously have more story for Eric Campbell. How soon will fans see the next issue of the series?

Arcadian Knights #5 “Heart in a Cage” is aiming to be dropped in the next couple of months.

3) Where are some good places out in the world or online where readers can pick up issues of Arcadian Knights?

Arcadian Knights can be purchased from and the Evil Genius comic shop in California, PA. Volume 1 is soon to be released through very soon.

4) Any real life inspiration behind the story that has shaped Arcadian Knights?

I write bits and pieces of my life into Arcadian Knights because I feel that inspiration comes from what you know and have experienced. Most of the pieces of my life are related to Eric’s wife, Mae. Her story is my story of my personal life in a way. I feel that she gives the story a more personal feel. It shows what Eric is driving to get back to and it’s about her life without him.

5) What originally drove you to write comics?

The comic book that got me writing comic books was the Watchmen. I started writing comic books after moving to Erie, PA for school. I moved there in the middle of winter and had a hard time making new friends at the new school because of coming in as an upperclassman. I spent the next 6 months researching and studying comic books in my spare time. I toyed around with writing until the summer of 2011, Arcadian Knights found its way into production.

6) Any links for the masses to follow your progress as a writer?

7) Any specific cons you plan to make an appearance at in the coming year?

New Dimensions Comics and Collectables Show – Butler, PA – Feb 1st 2014 Steel City Con – Monroeville, PA – April 11-13 2014 Sci-Fi Valley – Altoona, PA – June 27-29 2014


8) Why a red head for your take on Satan?

I wanted to do a different take on the devil. Every devil you see in comics and movies is either a savvy business man or a red looking demon. I felt that a woman would be a good devil because she can seduce anybody and get her way.

9) What made you choose the House of Wolves as your curse to plague your hero?

I also wanted to do a different take on werewolves. Our werewolves are more like demons that hunt down evil souls for the devil. I created the Curse of the Arcadian Knight to do just that. Our werewolves are not affected by silver or the moon, but rather a deal made with the devil in exchange for something. I chose werewolves for the story because at the time of writing, I could not think of an original superhero idea, vampires were in a bad place because of Twilight, and zombies were oversaturated in the market. I thought werewolves were waiting for their time to shine.