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‘Invincible Iron Man’ #3 focuses on friendship

‘Invincible Iron Man’ #3 focuses on friendship

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Invincible Iron Man #3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Dave Marquez
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Published by Marvel Comics

Invincible Iron Man #3, which continues the adventures of the All-New Tony Stark feels old school with a new, shinier coat of paint in a fantastic way. The issue picks up immediately after the electrifying ending of the previous issue and suffice to say both Madame Masque and Tony bring new tricks to their latest bout in the gloriously rendered Montreal nighttime from Dave Marquez and Justin Ponsor. Masque and her upgraded power-set seemingly best Tony in the ongoing fight, but Iron Man isn’t one to be upstaged. From the ground Tony controls the suit (that can stitch itself together!) and does his best to subdue Masque but, to no avail.

Dr. Amara Perera (Tony’s rooftop date from Invincible Iron Man #1) gets a surprise visit at her MIT Lab in the form of Tony, who admires the “cute security pad” that he bypassed to wait for her in her office because interrupting a fellow scientist in their own church is taboo. The dialogue between the pair is interesting and puts Tony in a place of humility and compassion for all that he’s gone through. He doesn’t go to his other super powered friends for reassurance or advice with his problems because they can almost top his near-death experience with something greater. Despite knowing people that can go toe-to-toe with him intellectually, they tend to be on the insane and crazy side of the spectrum, and it’s amazing to have someone like Amara,  who is capable in her own right and sees all of the aspects of his world without being blinded by the egotistical rich kid with a suit of armor the world wants. The creative team team bring all of the conflicted emotions and warm lovely embrace the two share to great effect throughPonsor’s rich colors and close up almost intimate shots from Marquez while the two talk. Tony even gets the last  joke in a great comedic moment from Bendis when he replies “Hail Hydra” only for her to confusingly look at him.

The theme of friendships continues when Tony goes to visit fellow ex-Illuminati Doctor Strange, and the pair feel right at home bouncing  off one another. Tony’s visit allows Bendis to not pull any punches and show that Tony Stark is out of his wheel house in the new series because he’s getting help from all points across the Marvel Universe to get the job done. It calls on the notion that even as a futurist, Tony needs anchors to the present and has to find people that can interact with him even when he’s hit a brick wall. They can help him power through his personal problems. It works well in rounding out this new interpretation of Iron Man because like the secondary series Marvel announced, Iron Man truly is a hero that is meant for global standards.

The issue ends with another night time stealth ops where ninja shadow warriors meet Tony in a Madame Masque related trap ,and issue four promises major changes to the usual Tony Stark formula in the form of the arrival of Mary Jane Watson. If the ride we’ve witnessed thus far in these four issues are any indicator for Tony’s future, readers will be enjoying the new Invincible Iron Man for months to come. 9_rating