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Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

News In Film is featuring an interesting interview with Jake Gyllenhaal about his new movie Source Code. He talks about shooting the film, the alternate scenes and endings, working with director Duncan Jones and much more. Check out the full interview here.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Do you have any intention of directing?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yeah. Yeah, I would love to. I’ve sort of grown up loving storytelling and to me what was more important is the movie being great, even more than my performance. And that’s what I care about. I’ve worked with such incredible people and working with David Fincher and working with Ang Lee. That’s somebody that Duncan reminds me of is Ang, in a way, in his demeanor. He’s very reserved and quiet yet incredibly stable. I mean, he jokes with you guys, but when you’re shooting the movie, he’s very quiet and has a lot of confidence in his actors. And gives you what would seem like free reign. Because I’ve been involved with these people, I can’t help but take things from them. I love storytelling, so I would hope one day that I get to do that. Try my hand. Because I think it also gives you a perspective as an actor, you see how hard it is, I think a lot of actors go like, “Oh, yeah…” And it’s so hard.

My mother’s a screenwriter, my father’s a director, so I can see that, to put something together and make it work is… I mean, you guys see a lots of films, so you know, but just to put something together and have it work, just to work, is a hard thing. I would love to have that perspective.