‘Sinestro’ – The Hottest New Title from DC Comics

Sinestro #1SIN_Cv2_52fa8ee1275114.81321733
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Dale Eaglesham.
Cover by Dale Eaglesham
Published by DC Comics

Thaal Sinestro is not a pleasant individual. A former Green Lantern who renounced his alleigance and would – eventually – become the leader of the feared Sinestro Corps, whose warriors would spread fear throughout the galaxy.

However, that was a long time ago and much has happened since then. Now, Sinestro is in self-imposed exile on a distant planet, having renounced control of the Yellow Lanterns. His solitude is interrupted by Lyssa Drak, a former recruit who informs that others of his race survived the destruction of his home world of Korugar but are now in mortal danger. Rescuing them will be simple but providing them with a future anything but.

It is a testament to Cullen Bunn’s skills as a writer that knowledge of Sinestro’s extensive backstory is not required to enjoy this, the first issue of Sinestro’s first solo series. Exposition is kept to only what is required to know. The action moves swiftly and the former Yellow Lantern is quickly established as an individual not to be trifled with.


Dale Eaglesham’s art is full of crisp, clean lines and serves the story very well. His depiction of Lyssa is seductive but not overly sexual. For the representation of women in comics this is nothing ground breaking but slightly better than usual for the industry.

While it remains to be seen whether Sinestro’s book will be the story of one alien’s redemption for the evil he has done or simply a madmen’s new attempt to seize control, it’s been set-up excellently.


Sinestro #2sinestro2b
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Dale Eaglesham
Cover by Dale Eaglesham
Published by DC Comics 

Any possibility of a peaceful reunion with his former Lanterns go out of the window when Sinestro makes his presence known. The resulting battle is short but leaves those present with no doubt that their former leader means business. However, Sinestro is now faced with the difficult tasks of consolidating his fragile leadership with finding a new home for his people.

Sinestro is a killer but one who has a strict code – one that he feels his former warriors have ignored. Writer Cullen Bunn shows us a character who is not a hero in anyway but is not a monster either. His Sinestro is a brutal person but one who is brutal for a reason. In this second issue, he begins to show us some of the reasoning behind the brutality and what it takes to be a leader of Yellow Lanterns. Sinestro is not likeable but perhaps in time he can be understood and thus in time, this title may become of the most interesting in recent years.

– Christopher Smith


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