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‘Invincible Iron Man’ #1- Secrets and Masks

‘Invincible Iron Man’ #1- Secrets and Masks


Invincible Iron Man #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Dave Marquez
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Clayton Cowles

Published by Marvel Comics

Iron Man is back.

The All-New, All-Different rendition of the Armored Avenger is thrown into both old and new territory in the first issue under Brian Michael Bendis spinning out of Secret Wars. It opens in Beijing as a nameless suit arrives to a room dropping off a case of something shiny to a shadowy figure revealed to be Madame Masque. She is drawn to great effect by Marquez and confirms with the suit to make sure it’s the real thing otherwise he’d be dead because she would hunt him down. He doesn’t make it past asking his reward money before a bullet is put in his head.

We then move on to Tony Stark doing what he does best, narrating what’s going on in his head and designing the next great invention for himself, or the world at large. He’s just completed his latest armored suit, and the full body image detailing the armor in its glory is magnificent. It’s more reds overall and only seven places are yellow. Despite creating an armor that’s “all different armor modes into one” Friday, Tony’s Holo-A.I., reminds him of his date with Dr. Amara Perera a biophysicist. He arrives (earlier than his date!) and attempts to impress her with his usual Stark bravado and wit. We catch up with Masque escaping ninja guards from Stark Tower in Osaka, Japan looking pleasantly glad with herself.

We skip dessert with the two and it’s here we get some hilarious banter between Tony and Amara on the rooftop of Stark Skyscraper. His attempt at “impressing her” involves Thor stopping by, only for him to wave her off when the Doctor isn’t looking because she calls him on “accidentally having Thor stop by”, and she’ll leave if it does happen. It gets more “genius-to-genius” when Tony asks how many inventions she keeps to herself. Her answer is something the Marvel Universe ins’t ready for, and I won’t spoil it here but, certain books could use this plot point in the future. After giving her some advice on keeping this secret safe from psychics of all types, he attempts to go for the winning  kiss only to be denied. Tony Stark is known as both a futurist and charitable to a fault but, he’s a horndog above all else.

It’s at this point Friday interrupts the two to alert Tony that Madame Masque is back. She continues her streak of thievery to a location that warms readers up for a shocking last page, that could definitely break the Internet. Iron Man arrives on the scene to notice the entire land in disarray. Rebels meet him on land and everyone save for Tony is effected by a sonic blast. Both readers and Tony turn around to a character that could very well change what we think we know about the All-New Marvel Universe.

Everyone should pick up Invincible Iron Man #1. The colors from the art team absolutely explode in varying colors across every page. This is Dave Marquez and Justin Ponsor at their peak. All of the characters involved in the issue are vibrant and distinct, the action is beautiful and rightly acquainted with Bendis dialogue that is clear and informative. This is a brave new run for the Armored Avenger, and it’s off to a roaring start.

Rating: 10/10