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Eddie Murphy coming to Netflix for new, “raw” movie

Eddie Murphy coming to Netflix for new, “raw” movie

Eddie Murphy

It looks like the good version of Eddie Murphy could be returning soon.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, producer Brian Glazer spoke about a project that he just secured with Netflix that will star Eddie Murphy in a more “raw” role than we have seen him in lately.

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 “I’m gonna do a tour de force movie that’s cinema verite with Eddie Murphy being as raw as he can be.”

Glazer didn’t say anything else more, but the prospects of Murphy “being as raw as he can be” sounds much more interesting than what he has been doing lately with flops such as A Thousand Words and Meet Dave. It also seems to be akin back to what he was doing while coming up as a comic and on Saturday Nigh Live rather than his more recent fares.

That being said, Murphy has a tendency to back out of projects also, which is why movies like Beverly Hills Cop 4 has yet to be made. It’ll be interesting to see if this gets made and Netflix may have a big project on their hands if it does.