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Jolie gets okay to film in Bosnia

USA Today is reporting that Bosnia’s cultural minister, Gavrilo Grahovac, has changed his mind and is letting Angelina Jolie film her directorial debut in Bosnia after reviewing the script.

“It’s very simple,” commented Jolie on Friday. “There was a nasty rumor that it was about a relationship that started with a rape and torture — and it’s not.”

Jolie explains that the love story revolves around a young Serbian man and a Bosnian-Muslim woman. She says that it starts like any other “— in a club, before the war. The main characters begin with lovely, happy, beautiful singing and dancing. It’s a normal relationship in that way, how it begins.”

“The film is about the experience that a lot of different people, on all different sides, have as war takes its toll,” Jolie says. “A couple that maybe would have lived a certain life, had the war not begun, end up having a very different story because of the war.” Jolie understands the Bosnians’ concern, “everything is to be expected when you do films about heavy subject matters that have to do with something so sensitive and so recent,” she says. “It’s absolutely to be handled as delicately as possible.”