‘Jurassic World’ director and Steven Spielberg teaming up again for sci-fi thriller

Colin Trevorrow

It seems like Steven Spielberg is happy with the first product that he and director Colin Trevorrow worked on as the acclaimed director is set to re-team with the man in charge of Jurassic World.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday that Trevorrow is set to direct Intelligent Life for Spielberg’s Dreamworks. The film also re-unites the team with Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly.

Plot details are being kept secret, but the project is said to have its roots in an earlier Trevorrow-Connolly project titled The Ambassador.

That project was intended to act as a follow-up to the duo’s acclaimed indie Safety Not Guaranteed and set up at Big Beach as a low-budget sci-fi thriller. Ambassador told of a U.N. worker in a department that was to represent humankind in the event of alien contact. The man falls in love with a mysterious woman who turns out to be an alien.

Jurassic World is set to open in theaters on June 12 and stars Chris Pratt.

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