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‘Kaptara’ #1: A Home Away From Home

‘Kaptara’ #1: A Home Away From Home

Kaptara #1Kaptara Cover

Written by Chip Zdarsky
Art by Kagan McLeod
Colors by Becka Kinzie
Published by Image Comics

Flying through an unknown asteroid belt seems almost common place for the crew aboard the Kanga in Chip Zdarsky’s first issue of Kaptara. Keith, a space traveling bio-engineer finds himself supposedly alone on an alien planet surrounded by strange beasts and fantastical people. Usually an outsider, Keith may have found himself a new home and is easily enjoying being the center of attention. Kaptara #1 brings us into a world of isolation and exploration.

Zdarsky puts together an intriguing crew from the all-varsity leading captain to the apathetic bio-engineering scientist who always needs to be saved. The story is an easy digestible. Zdarsky pulls from many sources to weave a science fiction tale that many will enjoy. It’s easy to hate most of what Keith does in this first issue but he’s given enough levity to become likable. Getting lost but being saved and venerated is a dream for many and Keith lives the fantasy quite well.

The art by Kagan McLeod is futuristic and visionary. The scenery hearkens back to 1970’s fantasy and science fiction. The people of Endom could easily grace a number of book covers to draw in readers. The amalgam of colors by Becka Kinzie isn’t readily seen on Earth and stand in contrast to what we expect to see in alien worlds. These colors easily bring Kaptara’s monsters and people to life.

Kaptara 2

The future of Kaptara should dive into the differences between man and alien and who will be willing to make a difference to help the natives against Skullthor. Keith seems like a guy who wants to be left alone and do his work alone; will he help? How is he going to cope with being transported to another place? Will he continue to go forward and piggy-back on those who are stronger than himself? He was saved by Captain Lance from the monsters of Endom and by Manton the head of Security for the queen on Endom. Armed with a steady mind Keith may be well placed to learn of the terrain and peoples of Endom. Zdarsky and crew have created an enjoyable read and hopefully the journey will lead to even greater heights.