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Kickstart this Project: ‘Con Man’, a webseries by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion

Kickstart this Project: ‘Con Man’, a webseries by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion

Con Man

The Firefly tv series has long been accepted into the group of shows whose cult following has far exceeded their commercial run, as the show’s single season of 14 episodes has seen an enduring popularity that has kept it in the pop culture conversation over a decade after the series went off the air. This has led to various members of the cast to appear in numerous conventions over the year, as they are always a draw. Now, two castmembers are joining together to make a webseries about their convention experiences, called Con Man, and are lookign to the public to raise funds for the project, via indiegogo.

The show, which is billed as a comedy, will revolve around the various personalities that can be seen behind the scenes at numerous conventions, something the duo have plenty of experience in. Nathan Fillion, who played Mal Reynolds in Firefly and can be currently seen as the titular character on Castle, will act in and produce the series, while his Firefly co-star Alan Tudyk will take on writing, directing, and starring duties. The duo aren’t the only castmembers from Firefly who will be seen onscreen, as Variety reports that Sean Maher and Gina Torres will also be making appearances, along with Amy Acker, Felicia Day, and James Gunn. The plot synopsis is as follows:

Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk-Me!) was a costar on Spectrum, a sci-fi series which was canceled -Too Soon- yet became a cult classic. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred in the series and has gone on to become a major movie star. While Jack enjoys the life of an A-lister, Wray tours the sci-fi circuit as a guest of conventions, comic book stores, and lots of pop culture events.  The show will feature all the weird and crazy things that happen to Wray along the way to at these events these events.

The producers are looking to raise $425,000 for the first three episodes of the series, which are already set to stream on Vimeo on Demand for people who pledge more than $25 to the campaign. Other perks being offered include signed posters, t-shirts, merchandise from the show-within-the-show Spectrum, copies of the show’s scripts, and the chance to name characters and attend screenings. The campaign’s official page can be found here, and a video from the producers can be seen below. Funding for the project will end on April 9th.