Kickstart this project: ‘Get Hot!’

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Get Hot

Period pieces are often difficult stories to do, as there are numerous details, both big and small, that must be accounted for. However, ambitious filmmakers can often use these details to their advantage, exploring timeless stories through a different lens, and bringing a sense of perspective that cannot always be gleaned by setting projects in the period when the movie is being made. One such project is Get Hot! Set in 1920s America, at the height of prohibition and jazz, the film explores the story of how a young woman copes with the loss of her boyfriend in the First World War, with the help of music, dancing, alcohol, and friends. Filmmaker Christy Morgenroth takes on directing and writing duties for the project, citing Sofia Coppola’s films and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels as inspiration for Get Hot! How such a story, and the era itself, is handled by a fresh filmmaker is an exciting prospect. For more details and/or to donate, you can see their Indiegogo page here, as well as the video below.


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