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“Kickstart” This Project (through IndieGoGo): ‘The Creed’

“Kickstart” This Project (through IndieGoGo): ‘The Creed’

The Creed Logo

Editor’s Note: This project is raising money through IndieGoGo, a site very similar to Kickstarter

Horror strikes when a young woman accidentally wins a pair of tickets for an upcoming Creed concert. When Linda realizes she can’t dispose of or destroy the tickets without them coming back to haunt her, she’ll soon have to face her past and confront her deepest fears in order to survive… The Creed.

Filming this May, The Creed is a short horror comedy inspired by Stephen King novels & film adaptations from the 80s. The story we’ve cultivated is part reflective horror, part jab at adolescent music tastes from the early 2000s. This production will be a labor of love and is nearly three years in the making. We’re going to be creating a significant amount of in-camera visual effects, the kind of special effects produced throughout the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Our collected vision requires a lot of elbow grease and a little money, but we have no doubt that this project is well within our grasps. Check out our IndieGoGo campaign, which ends on May 7th! We’re looking to raise about $3,000 total for this, and you can even land yourself a VHS copy of the final movie if you donate!