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Kickstart This Project (through Indiegogo): ‘Where Is The Sun?’

Kickstart This Project (through Indiegogo): ‘Where Is The Sun?’

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Editor’s Note: This project is raising money through Indiegogo, a site very similar to Kickstarter

Hey Sound on Sight readers. I’m Ryan Clagg, the host of Sketchy, Sound on Sight’s cartoon podcast. I know you’re busy listening to Sketchy right now, but I urge you to take a break and check out the video below. I’m making a vampire movie, and it’s going to be awesome. But first I need help. Your help. And by that I mean money, baby. Sweet green.

In all honesty, I’m crowd sourcing this project, and I’m looking to raise about $5,000, which is actually really low budget for a feature-length project. Now, a little about the movie. It’s a drama inspired by Michael Crichton sci-fi with a David Fincher feel. There’s a little comedy and a little more gore. The story follows a woman who has trouble dealing with the vampire lifestyle, so she meets with a support group to cope with the stresses. Eventually, they get a chance to turn back to human, but it could be a deadly trap.

I welcome everyone to follow the movie’s progress through facebook and twitter (info below). Even if you can’t donate, please share the campaign and get the word out. Of course, there are rewards for donating, so go to the and learn more. And go ahead and hit “play” on your podcast app to continue listening to Sketchy. Play with Owls.