Paul Thomas Anderson reunites with Joanna Newsom in music video for “Divers”

Joanna Newsom Divers

Paul Thomas Anderson, while known and praised for his unique directorial style, followed the same career path as many of his peers, with much of his early work being in music videos. His success, however, has not stopped Anderson from diving back into the music video arena himself earlier this year with Joanna Newsom. With Newsom and Anderson first working together on Anderson’s last feature Inherent Vice, the duo collaborated on the music video for Newson’s “Sapokanikan” as well.

That’s not where their work together ends, however, as Anderson directed a second music video for Newsom off of her upcoming album Divers. Done for the titular track off of Newsom’s album, which was released in late October, the music video can be seen below.

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